Yad B’Yad (YBY) is a not for profit, pre-marriage education program that provides services to Jewish couples in Victoria. Couples attending the program complete an on-line questionnaire and then review the results with a trained Facilitator.  Facilitators include Psychologists, Rabbis and practising family and couple therapists.  All Facilitators are professionally trained and accredited to administer the Prepare pre-marriage Relationship Questionnaire.The program provides an opportunity for couples to explore their values and expectations of marriage by using educational and skill-training techniques to help build healthy relationships and teach problem solving and communication skills.  It does not provide counselling services or advice.Couples attend a minimum of two 50 minute individual sessions with their Facilitator as part of the program.  An expanded small group program with guest presenters may be offered during the year if is there is sufficient demand.


Yad B’Yad acknowledges the generous support of:

The Gandel Charitable Foundation
Henry Birman of Studio HBD                              Arnold Bloch Leibler                             Michael Diamond & Associates

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